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Singing as Prolonged Speech

The Method

The Singing as Prolonged Speech Technique was created by Danny Madden. As a performer of different genres of music ranging from Opera to R&B, he needed a vocal technique that would give him full control of his voice. He devised a method that gave him vocal freedom and a sense of ease and comfort while promoting vocal health.

The Singing as Prolonged Speech Technique is a natural approach to singing and voice development. It involves becoming aware of and training ones speaking voice and applying that knowledge to ones singing voice. Thus,

Singing as Prolonged Speech.

The Singing as Prolonged Speech Technique allows the singer to perform without the fear and uncertainty produced by a manufactured or limited vocal technique. The technique eliminates the act of forcing or straining the voice caused by tension due to bad habits or improper training. The voice is free of any barriers and at the full command of the singer.

By approaching the singing voice in the same manner as one uses the speaking voice, the singing voice is trained and developed according to the laws of nature. A sense of comfort is gained by the singer. The singer feels an ease and freedom while singing which is the foundation of the Singing as Prolonged Speech Technique.

The singer feels confident knowing their voice is technically secure to manage any difficulties while singing. They are able to fully express themselves musically and emotionally resulting in an outstanding display of their talent.

There are 3 basic stages of the Singing as Prolonged Speech Technique:

Stage 1 - The Foundation

Exploring, training and developing the Speakiing Voice.

Stage 2 - The Transition

Discovering, exploring, training, developing and merging the Speaking Voice into the Singing Voice.

Stage 3 - The Application

Singing songs.

While there are 3 basic stages of the technique, depending on the student, they may be applied simultaneously or in parts.